Qbo robot tweaked to be a music robot with gesture recognition for control

Aug 5, 2011

We have talked about the cool little Qbo robot before. The little crowd sourced robot can be tweaked to do all sorts of cool stuff. Last time we mentioned the little bot it had been tweaked to recognize objects held in front of it. The bot has turned up in a new tweak that allows it to be used as a music player that will speak the name of your tracks and can be controlled with hand gestures.

The Qbo pays attention to the hands that are nearby using stereoscopic vision. To control the music the user can put their finger s in a "V" and point the V towards the ground to get the bot to turn down the volume. Turing the V towards the sky will turn the volume up. A closed fist will stop the music and play the music.

Pointing left and right with a finger will get the bot to skip forward and backwards in the playlist. Watching the video the robot needs a few seconds at the start to respond to the commands. Later in the video, the robot is responding more quickly to the gestures. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

[via TheCorpora]

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