PS4 sells 250k units in 48hrs to become fastest selling console ever in UK

Dec 2, 2013

The Sony PS4 game console has been selling very well in all the parts of the world where it is available. The console has sold so well in the US that it's nearly impossible to find one in a store. The console has also proven to be very popular in the UK.

In fact, sources in the game industry within the UK say that the PS4 has set a sales record. Sony reportedly sold over 250,000 PS4 consoles in 48 hours. That sales volume puts the PS4 ahead of the Xbox One in sales. In fact, 250,000 consoles sold in 48 hours means that the PS4 is the top selling game console in UK history. That is assuming the numbers are correct.

Previous reports from the UK indicate that Microsoft sold 150,000 Xbox One consoles in the UK the first 48 hours it was available. No official confirmation that these numbers are correct has come from Sony or Microsoft. It's also unknown if Sony simply had more consoles available to sell in the UK than Microsoft.

The PS4 sales numbers surpass the sales figures for the original PSP. That console held the sales record for 48 hours since 2005 when it moved 185,000 units. Both the Xbox One and PS4 trounced the Nintendo Wii U in sales volume.

SOURCE: Telegraph

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