PS3 seizures from Dutch homes reportedly approved as LG and Sony head back to court

Mar 10, 2011

LG's Dutch attack on Sony and the PS3 continues; having already seen several thousand of the consoles siezed by customs officials in the Netherlands, LG has apparently won a court order that will supposedly allow them to confiscate new PS3 consoles already in Dutch homes. According to the Guardian, LG is likely to demand that the PlayStation 3 consoles be destroyed, with the two firms headed into court today.

IP expert Florian Mueller has weighed in, with copies of a Dutch order LG obtained late last month. That order allows up to three seizures to take place up until March 10 2011, which considering Sony used to route all European PS3 shipments through the Netherlands, could've resulted in a tidy haul.

LG maintains that Sony infringes its Blu-ray patents and alleges that the company would only agree to payments "if LGE and Sony also reach agreement on royalties in entirely different and unrelated technology areas (such as TVs, monitors and mobile phones)." What we can't find is anything related to LG's right to enter Dutch homes and remove PS3 consoles there. We're likely to see updates on this story soon, since the court appearance is scheduled to take place at time of posting.

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