PS3 Loose in the Wild!

Benjamin Nied - Oct 3, 2006
PS3 Loose in the Wild!

At long last, we have our first proof that completed, operation PlayStation 3 game consoles really do exist, and we now have our first shots of one of these "premium" consoles out in the wild. Thanks to the guys over at PSM (the lucky recipients of this completed console), we also have our first impressions as to how one of these $500, good-luck-in-finding-one consoles works and operates. So what did they find? Read on after the jump!

The console, probably to the surprise of many, runs very quiet and loads games extremely fast. The "SIXAXIS" controller is apparently lighter and more responsive than ever (though a good part of this is undoubtedly the lack of force-feedback motors). On the downside, the console is pretty heavy, and that glossy finish (like the finish on the PSP) picks up fingerprints like they're going out of style. Overall, though, it's a very positive first impression of the PS3, giving Sony the first bit of really good press that they've had in a long time. Let's see if the user reviews are as positive when the console launches later this year.

[via PSM3Mag]