Provision and Zenverge show off whole-home wireless TV solution supporting four HD channels at once

Aug 12, 2010

The local cable company that serves my neighborhood really sucks. It’s one of those small rural companies that have six HD channels and only started offering DVRs last year. I use satellite and the only downside is that they had to run a new cable to the rooms I wanted a TV in rather than using the cabling already in my house.

That means that not every room can get TV programming, which drives me crazy when my daughter wants to watch iCarly. Zenverge and ProVision have announced a cool new product they are working on together that can stream four HD channels at the same time wirelessly around your entire home. That would be perfect for me since I could send programming to other rooms that aren't wired.

The system uses WiFi for streaming the video and the ProVision AXAR2010 platform runs the show. ProVision end-to-end wireless video software and a MIMO antenna are used along with the Zenverge ZN200 wireless 4xHD Codec and transcoder SOC. The system can stream for HD MPEG2 streams and transcode those to H.264 with Link Protection and DRM over you 802.11n network.

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