Project iKinect adds iPhone to Kinect gaming for boosted control [Video]

Apr 29, 2011

The great Kinect hacks continue, and next up is a way to bypass Microsoft's limitations on micro-movement recognition by throwing another controller into the mixture: namely an iPhone. Project iKinect is a PC-based co-play system which allows for more complex gameplay, using the Kinect motion sensor to track general movement and the iPhone's various sensors and touchscreen for micro-movement recognition.

As the team points out, what isn't currently offered for Kinect gamers is a flight game with guns, primarily - they suggest - because the sensor can't recognize sub-movements. By throwing the iPhone into the mixture, however, the Kinect is free to track general movement of the spacecraft while the smartphone is used to control its weapons.

It's the handiwork of Khairul Nizam and his Rockmoon team of merry Unity3D, Kinect and iOS developers. No word on what they intend to do with the system, but we're hoping this means more integration between smartphones and Kinect games in future.

[Thanks Ben!]

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