Professor has 10 Years of Work on Laptop Stolen, Thief Returns it on USB Stick

Oct 19, 2010

The general perception of a thief is that, once they get whatever it is they're trying to get their hands on, you won't see them, or your stuff, ever again. But, there are always exceptions to the rule. And, in Sweden, that exception is alive and well. An unnamed professor teaching in northern Sweden recently had a laptop stolen, and in the process 10 years of work that had been stored on it. But, the story actually has a happy ending.

Like anyone else, the professor just assumed that the laptop, and all of the important data on it, was gone forever. But then, out of nowhere, a USB stick is mailed to the professor. It took a week, but the thief managed to get all of the data off of the laptop, including the 10 years of work, and mail it back to the professor. It may not be the laptop itself, but at least the data returned home.

The professor was quoted as saying, "I am very happy. This story makes me feel hope for humanity." We can imagine that the professor is extremely happy, even if they still don't have the laptop.

[via SlashDot]

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