Potential iPad 2 shortages tipped by supply chain leaks

Mar 2, 2011

Suggestions that initial supplies of Apple's second-generation iPad will be scarce are looking more likely, with leaks from the company's supply chain that just 300,000-400,000 iPad 2 units are expected from the Q1 manufacturing batch. According to DigiTimes, Apple expects to take delivery of 6-6.5m iPads - both first and second generation - in Q1 2011, but of those only around 6-percent of the newer, slimmer model.

Order volumes in March are expected to exceed 2m units and Apple is believed to be phasing out supplies of the original iPad. However, there are concerns that low manufacturing yields of the super-thin glass display which Apple is believed to be using in the iPad 2 could prompt a bottleneck in supply, with the company unable to meet demand.

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