Portable Motion Detecting LED Night Light brightens up the dark

Aug 25, 2008

The Portable Motion Detecting LED Night Light is a fun and useful gadget that makes getting around in the dark a whole lot easier. And though it only works at night, you don't need it during the day, anyway.

Whether you're walking around the house at night or stepping outside for a moment, this LED Night Light makes getting around easier and safer. It runs on a battery and produces a soft blue light so as to not be harsh on the eyes. A photocell is built in that can detect the brightness of the area. The device will only switch on if it is dark.

When the motion sensor is triggered, the LED will turn on and make seeing in the dark easy. The batteries are preserved due to the at-night only function and you can even set auto shut off times. This is a really cool product and for $24.99, it's something you may very well find yourself using once the sun goes down.

[via The Red Ferret Journal]

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