Polk Atrium Outdoor Speakers sound great but lack looks

Sep 5, 2008

Polk Audio announced their Atrium Sat 10 and Sub 30 outdoor speaker system at CEDIA 2008. Meant for enjoying music in the great outdoors, this satellite/subwoofer system produces great quality sound.

Outdoor theaters are all the rage these days, so this audio system seems to be right on target. And I get what they're doing with the terra cotta style planter. I know the subwoofer is supposed to blend in with its surroundings and just look like another backyard decoration, but it does have a bit of a plastic look.

These speakers sound great when they're blasting together, but the price tag is a little steep. Each satellite speaker will cost you $179 and the subwoofer costs $329. Don't go looking to buy them yet, though. They won't be released until January.

[via CrunchGear]

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