Pocketbook 360 Plus ereader plays Doom 2 (who needs ebooks?) [Video]

Apr 7, 2011

In the gadget world, you're nothing until you've run Doom, and ereaders aren't exempt. Luckily Pocketbook's new 360 Plus has stepped up to the plate and delivered, with a new video demo showing the compact ebook reader running Doom II on its e-ink display.

Video demo after the cut

In fact, this particular flavor of Doom II is based on PrBoom, an open-source project from id Software's original code. What's most impressive is the refresh rate; apparently the Pocketbook 360 Plus uses E Ink's latest Pearl display and a new Freescale processor, which together do away with the flashing black screen we usually associate with ereaders.

Sadly, according to The-e-book, Pocketbook is unlikely to ship the 360 Plus with Doom 2 preinstalled. No word on when exactly the 360 Plus will ship, nor for how much.

[via The-Ebook-Reader]

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