PlayStation Wonderbook brings Harry Potter to life

Jun 4, 2012
PlayStation Wonderbook brings Harry Potter to life

This week the folks at Sony have revealed the first of many titles for a device called the Wonderbook - an accessory that works with the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Move. This device is a blank book which, with the PlayStation Move controller, comes to life as you view yourself in the camera on your screen. Basically you'll have your PlayStation making your television a reflection of you with this book, but this book is then brought to life with augmented reality.

The first Wonderbook title revealed is the Harry Potter / J.K. Rowling title "Book of Spells." This title will make it a whole lot easier for people to see the potential of the Wonderbook right out of the box as it turns your PlayStation Move controller into a wand and the Wonderbook into a container of magical animations.

Turn the page and make the right moves with your wand and you'll see a dragon fly out of the book on your television screen. Turn to another page and say the magic words and with a flick of your wand you'll have started your book on fire!

The Wonderbook for your PlayStation 3 will be popping up near the end of 2012 with availability expected for the holiday season - pricing and availability have not been finalized, nor has the software or the hardware itself. Stay tuned as the magic unfolds!

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