Pioneer offers limited edition HDJ-1000 DJ headphones Midas would love

Oct 14, 2010

Pioneer Electronics has a very large offering of gear for pro and amateur DJs alike. The product offerings range from actual turntables and mixers to the big headphones that DJs like to wear. The company has announced a new limited edition version of its HDJ-1000 headphones that are shiny gold colored rather than the black color of the original.

Other than the shiny gold tone of the headphones, they are functionally the same as the black HDJ-1000 headphones. They feature fully enclosed dynamic stereo drivers that are 50mm dome type. The frequency range of the speakers is 5Hz to 30kHz and the impendence is 36 ohms.

The maximum input power is 3500mA and the sound output level is 107dB/m. The headphones have a 3.5mm headphone plug and come with a 3P mini plus adapter that is gold plated and screws in. The headphones weigh 9.52 ounces and have a 1.2m long connection cord that can be extended to 3 meters. The gold and black versions of the headphones will ship in December for $209.

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