Pinwide: A New Wide-Angle Pinhole Cap (for your DIGITAL camera) for you Pinhole Maniacs

Oct 26, 2010

So you've got the camera and you're just totally tired of your current pinhole options. Don't fret! Here's something brand new for y'all, no matter which Micro 4/3 camera you own. Priced at a completely reasonable $39.99, you'll be taking those magical single-subject photos in no time, flawlessly. And doesn't it look cute?

This pinhole cover is made with the same technology used to make semiconductors, it's perfect. It's not gonna get much more perfect, at least, and now you'll be digitally capturing the magic only your traditional analog pinhole camera was able to before. And what's this? This Pinwide offers the widest focal length ever offered on a digital camera?

The pinhole itself recesses itself inside the camera making it possible to capture the ultrawide 11mm (22mm equivalent.) Trick the eye with a field of view so wide, you'll be able to see the pebbles for the mountains. And since it's attached to your digital camera instead of your ol' rusty analog one, you can take video too. Pinhole video. Neato. Find it over at Wanderlust Cameras, where you can also purchase one for preorder.

Lens Mount: Compatible with Micro 4/3 cameras
Aperture: ƒ/96 ~ ƒ/128
Field of View: ~ 80°
Focal length: 11mm (22mm equivalent)
Materials: Ultra-high precision metal etched aperture, durable injection molded plastic
Price: US $39.99 (preorder pricing)

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