Photography contest shows why drones are amazing

Jul 10, 2014
Photography contest shows why drones are amazing

Drones are pretty spectacular, aren’t they? Aside from some minor scrapes along the way, consumer-use drones have yielded some neat pictures and video. Dronestagram has compiled a list of the best pics, even going so far as to hold a contest and pick a winner.

Sponsored by National Geograpic, Go Pro, Picanova, Droneshop and Parrot, the contest gave away GoPro cams and print copies of the pic to the winner and runner-up. With a simple quad-copter setup and great camera, drones have been esponsible for some amazing pics.

The winner, which you can see above, is a priceless shot of an eagle, craning his head just enough to give the drone the stink-eye. Taken in Indonesia, the bird is soaring over Barat National Park, likely keeping an eye out for a meal on the ground.


Drones seem to be popular in France, as both the second and third place finishers (in separate categories) had French connections. Second place was taken near a church in the peaceful town of Sur Mer, while third place saw the sunset over Annecy. Either drones are popular there, or France is just beautiful — we don’t know which is more true.

First place in the “popular vote” category was taken over Tamul Falls in Mexico. The second place overall finisher was maybe our favorite; a pic of wide-eyed kids looking up at a drone in amazement. We do the same thing when we see drones.

Source: Dronestagram

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