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iPhone 6 for Christmas? You and 56.7m others says analyst

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales will spike dramatically to more than 56.7m units, one analyst has predicted, though there may be a post-New-Year hangover in early 2015 when demand drops considerably. Apple’s smaller of the two flagship smartphones will lead the charge, KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo suggests in a recently issued report to investors, expected to amount to almost … Continue reading

Galaxy S6 details: turning Samsung’s mobile fortunes

If today’s report on the sales of the Galaxy S5 are true, Samsung’s next release will need to be a doozy. We previously had a chat on what Samsung was potentially getting into with the Galaxy S6 – how they may be working on a “Project Zero”, a reboot of the entire series, a re-imagining of the smartphone monster they’ve … Continue reading

Galaxy S5 sold 40% less than Samsung planned tip insiders

Samsung reportedly sold 40-percent fewer Galaxy S5 smartphones than the company had expected, a huge and unexpected drop versus the previous Galaxy S4, leaving handsets piled up in warehouses and putting executives at risk. The South Korean firm had been especially upbeat about the potential of the smartphone, even increasing production compared to the S4 so as to launch in … Continue reading

Sonim XP6 rugged smartphone supports LTE and PTT

AT&T has a new rugged smartphone that is aiming directly at workers in the field that need a device that can stand up to harsh working conditions. The smartphone is called the Sonim XP6 and it runs the Android operating system and has a physical keypad. It’s designed to support most of the features of a normal smartphone while having … Continue reading

Huawei Honor 6 Plus shows up at TENAA with two rear cameras

After just unveiling the Ascend Mate7 last September, it seems that Huawei is gearing up for yet another smartphone launch, at least based on this TENAA sighting and a teaser for the company’s own Weibo account. This time, however, it won’t be much of a big jump as it is a spinoff from the Chinese OEM’s existing Honor 6 smartphone. … Continue reading

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Nexus 6 Review – You want to lick this Lollipop

A new Google smartphone is a big deal, and the Nexus 6 is a very big phone indeed. Largest so far of Google’s collaborations with handset manufacturers, and first to see Motorola take the Nexus reins – ironically just as the two firms part company – it’s a riff on this year’s Moto X but with a new turn of … Continue reading

DROID Turbo Review

This past week and a half we’ve been working with the DROID Turbo non-stop. With a body that replicates the popular DROID series from last year – this time in bright red – a massive battery, and specifications that match or surpass the Moto X 2014, what’s not to love? As it turns out, the DROID Turbo isn’t just all … Continue reading

HTC Desire EYE Review

The HTC Desire EYE seems to have one key point in its favor, at first – selfie power. But it’s a whole lot more than that. Instead of a smartphone that’s made for taking photos of yourself, the Desire EYE is a surprisingly well-rounded phone. And it’s not a mid-tier phone either – in fact it has many of the … Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3v Review

Over the past week we’ve had a look at the third in a line of Sony’s “Z” devices in so many years, this one called the “Z3″ when it’s not carried by Verizon. This version of the Xperia Z3 goes by the name “Z3v”, appropriately, as it runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The only differences between this “v” model … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Phablet Refocused

Samsung can’t afford to stumble with the Galaxy Note 4. The fourth-gen phablet arrives as Samsung wakes up to a new, and not especially rewarding, phase in its mobile life: the discovery that throwing a hundred designs at the market and hoping at least some of them stick no longer has the same sales success as it once did. At … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 530 Review

When we posted our review of the Nokia Lumia 520 and subsequently the Lumia 521 for T-Mobile, it wasn’t yet entirely clear the impact they’d have on the Windows Phone universe. Now that we know that Nokia’s efforts allowed it to dominate the Windows Phone universe, we can see how important it is that the brand was able to create … Continue reading

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Review: Bigger is Better

Apple promised us something big, and it delivered both metaphorically and literally. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus take Apple’s flagship smartphone in new directions, finally bowing to consumer demand for larger handsets. These aren’t just your old iPhone made bigger, however: a combination of broad hardware improvements and iOS 8 makes sure of that. Question is, does … Continue reading

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Microsoft adding Skype chat to Office Online web apps

It’s one of those features that Google Drive/Docs users have been able to use for so long that it’s almost expected by now: real-time chat with others while collaborating on documents. As Microsoft has been pushing its Office programs like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel into the cloud recently, users of Office Online are finally able to communicate via built-in Skype … Continue reading

iPhone 6/6 Plus A8 chip capable of 4K video playback

The developers of the media conversion app WALTR for Mac have inadvertently discovered an impressive technical achievement for Apple’s A8 chip found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: 4K video playback. While not truly a “hidden feature,” this is something that Apple never boasted about during the unveiling of its latest smartphones.

Google acquires Relative Wave: visually-inclined tool-makers

The folks at Relative Wave are creators. They’re making it easier for software developers to see what their apps will look and act like before they create a final design. With their tools, creators can visualize what they’re making for a smartphone ON the smartphone, rather than on a PC. When you edit something in their system, “Flow”, you see … Continue reading

The Nokia Store will shut down early next year

Smartphones may occupy a lot of our mind share, but there are quite a few people who still have, use, and like feature phones. In emerging markets, those devices are often the only choice. Nokia was a leader in the emerging space with their Asha brand and middle-of-the-road Nokia X devices. Now that Nokia is out of the hardware game, … Continue reading

Beam app shows your texts being typed in real-time

If you’re no longer satisfied with only being able to see little ellipses as your chat partner types a message, the text messaging app Beam will likely strike your fancy. It leaves no room for edits — at least, no room for private edits. Rather, everything you type is shown in real time to the person on the receiving end, … Continue reading

Kevin Rose launches Watchville app, targeting the luxury watch market

Serial entrepreneur and founder of the original Digg, Kevin Rose, has just launched a new iOS app that is quite a departure from previous social-targeted platforms, including his latest, Tiiny. Watchville, available for free, acts a news aggregator and atomic clock tool for the extreme luxury wristwatch market. Not just for those who like Rolexes, but collectors who know names … Continue reading

iPhone game entirely made of emoji released by 19 year old student

We can look back at the tremendously popular iOS game Flappy Bird and instantly see how simply designed it is; one-touch controls paired with colorful, blocky sprites. Well, a 19 year old Russian student may have just taken the simple design factor to a new level, with his game Emoji Cosmos made of nothing but emoji.

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