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iPhone 6 Leakbusters: first arrest made in China

At least one arrest has been made in China over leaks of the iPhone 6 made earlier this year. This is the first in what we expect will be a line of lockdowns on the seemingly free-flowing sales of illicit materials in the country – namely pre-release Apple parts.

Qualcomm SafeSwitch offers a hardware-based kill switch

Depending on your market outlook, Qualcomm could be seen as the top chip mobile chip maker, at least when it comes to smartphones and tablets. Soon, however, it’s lead on its competitors might widen even further if it manages to convince device manufacturers and carriers to utilize its own “kill switch” implementation, which, unsurprisingly, revolves around its processor.

InfoSonics verykool SL5000 joins the Android LTE market

There are a myriad Android smartphone brands in the market, but majority of the most popular ones either offer rather expensive flagships or budget devices that can only do 3G. If you’re on the look out for an affordable 4G handset, you have quite a limited number of choices. Fortunately, those choices just got incremented by one with the new … Continue reading

LG budget lineup: G3 Stylus global rollout, A&T G3 Vigor

Forever capitalizing on the success of its G3 smartphone, LG has outed several variants bearing the same name but bearing different personalities, such as the G3 Stylus and this new G3 Vigor. Make no mistake, however, as these two are not in the same league as the LG G3 and are designed to expand the OEM’s mid-range line instead.

Apple: here’s how to delete that U2 album

Supposing you didn’t actually want a new U2 album in your iTunes library, Apple has heard your plea for help. They’ve created a unique link which does all the heavy lifting for you – deleting the album U2 “Songs of Innocence” from your library with ease.

Incoming Nexus 6 may have killed off Nexus 5

If you needed any more indication that a Nexus 6 smartphone is on the horizon, we may have stumbled onto a neat tidbit of info. When asked why the Nexus 5 was no longer on their support page, a Canadian carrier’s support page mentioned the Nexus 5 was no longer in stock, and wasn’t being sold. Further down the conversational … Continue reading

Chinese city has special path for smartphone users

We’ve all seen that person walking around, more interested in their smartphone than the real world. They (mostly) dodge obstacles by glancing up at the last moment, and roundly annoy everyone around them. A city in China has stepped in to corral those folks, giving them their own space to saunter about aimlessly.

Latest Phone Reviews

Moto X (2014) Review: Finally, a true Motorola flagship

Motorola never quite got the praise it deserved with the original Moto X, the company’s decision to step off the specs bandwagon unduly masked by relatively uninspiring design. Now, the 2014 model arrives to rectify that, sharing the same name but stepping up performance, aesthetics, and – essential for any device with ambitions to play among the flagships – build … Continue reading

HTC One M8 with Windows Review

What we could be witnessing right now is a crossroads in the Windows universe. HTC may very well have made the step towards legitimacy the Windows Phone platform needed to show the world that they really, truly can compete with Android. In the HTC One M8 with Windows, HTC has switched out Android for Windows Phone in the greatest handset … Continue reading

HTC One (E8) review: Android’s iPhone 5C is here

The HTC One (M8) is one of the better Android handsets available. For many, it’s the aluminum shell that takes the cake. What happens when you strip it away and add plastic, though? Is the device still a winner? The HTC One (E8) is trying to answer that question.

Amazon Fire Phone review: The shopper’s smartphone

When Amazon wades into a new segment, competitors take note, and few devices have been so nervously anticipated as the Fire Phone. Amazon’s first smartphone doesn’t just put Prime in your pocket, it also pushes the limits of UI, with its quartet of Dynamic Perspective cameras, and computational photography, with Firefly. Ambitious, then, but Jeff Bezos & Co. have seldom … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 635 Review

The Nokia Lumia 635 takes everything that made the Nokia Lumia 520 a winner and gives it a boost. It remains one of the cheapest Windows Phone 8 devices, now coming with Windows Phone 8.1 and the newest Nokia software, along with a look and feel that creates a powerful value proposal. Should you just buy last year’s model on … Continue reading

LG G3 Review

This month we’ve had an extended look at the LG G3 in its international edition, preparing for the USA-bound version(s) which will be launching later this Summer. What we’re seeing here is a phone that out-does the competition while it remains (somehow) humble in the public. It’s not for a lack of trying, of course, but for a lack of … Continue reading

Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G Review

This week we’re having a peek at the newest piece of hardware offered up by Huawei to the North American market: the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 (aka the Ascend Mate2 4G). This device is made to delivery a little bit of everything, including a large display, nearly the newest version of Android, and a unique delivery. If you want a … Continue reading

App News

iPhone 6 Plus apps will “just work”

Apple kicked off its event today, getting right into the details with the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and its bigger sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, confirming months of leaks and pairing them with some official images and details. Amidst the hardware talk comes information about the apps, with Apple’s Schiller saying there are 1.3 million available, and they’ll all … Continue reading

Misfit wearable ecosystem expands with dev tools

This week the folks at Misfit, creators of the Misfit Shine, have made clear their intent to expand. Not with another wearable – the first one they’ve made is still running strong – but with a release of their software system for the whole developer universe to take part in.

Microsoft Nokia rebranding has begun

The change is now! Microsoft has begun changing the names of Nokia apps in their Lumia smartphones to ones more suitable for their slightly less Nokia-branded universe. While we don’t expect a press release on the subject, we will see a whole lot more Microsoft before the week is through.

Sony’s Xperia Z3 trio bring PS4 Remote Play

Sony has introduced its new trio of Z3 devices, the Xperia Z3 flagship smartphone and its smaller sibling, the Xperia Z3 Compact, as well as the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact 8-inch slate. All three devices bring with them PlayStation 4 Remote Play, the first smartphones to offer the functionality.

Xbox One welcomes free shooter game Warframe

When we first logged in to the PlayStation 4 back in November of 2013, there was one extremely unique shooting game ready for us to play – one called Warframe. This wasn’t and isn’t the only 3rd-person shooter game in this console’s generation – and it certainly isn’t alone now on the Xbox One. But it is free – and … Continue reading

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything app brings AMAs to your smartphone

Reddit browsing apps litter the various mobile app stores, but if none of them are quite to your liking, you can get your daily AMA fix with Reddit’s new official app by the same name. The app is available now for those running iOS, and will (likely) be available for Android users in the near future.

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