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Windows Phone 8.1 update to bring Cortana to more markets

Yesterday we saw some of the new features coming to Windows Phone devices by way of the first update to version 8.1. Now we’re being given a more detailed look at some of those features, including some that we haven’t heard about yet. Primary among this is that Cortana, Microsoft’s own virtual personal assistant, will be making her (or its) … Continue reading

LG G3 to finally get Moon Violet, Burgundy Red next month

LG’s latest flagship is almost perfect except for one thing. Actually two. And those two are Moon Violet and Burgundy Red, two color options that were promised at launch but are nowhere to be found. Fortunately, that will no longer be the case once August starts rolling in and the two new colors start rolling out.

Ford drops BlackBerry for iPhone

A Ford spokesperson spoke today on the next big internal transition for the company: one of phone switching. Ford’s Sara Tatchio suggested that by the end of this year, 3,300 Ford workers will no longer carry BlackBerry smartphones. Instead, they’ll be switching to Apple’s iPhone.

Fire Phone teardown: Extra cameras set Bezos tough challenge

Amazon’s Fire Phone could have been a potent mid-range challenger had the retailer opted to leave out the 3D interface gimmicks, teardown analysis suggests, with the polarizing quad-camera system an outlier in what’s otherwise an exercise in cost-cutting. The final bill of materials for the Fire Phone, released last week, comes to around $205 in components according to IHS iSuppli’s … Continue reading

Verizon’s first sapphire display won’t be iPhone 6

This week leak with Kyocera’s name all over it has appeared with a sapphire-glass front. While we’ve reported the tips on the iPhone 6 having just such a front panel cover, the company known for going above-and-beyond in the strange phone components department appears to have done it again. Here’s the front glass panel that you won’t break.

New Windows Phones said to push PureView and “selfies”

Microsoft may have killed off its Windows Phone flagship but there are two new phones waiting in the wings for imminent release, it’s said, including one unofficially dubbed a “selfie phone.” The two handsets were shown off internally during a meeting at Microsoft, insiders claim, and are believed to be codenamed Superman and Tesla.

Windows Phone 8.1u1 leak – catching up with the big boys

One sign that a “major” platform is quite far behind the race is that it is still trying to catch up with other players in some rather basic aspects. Microsoft may have just started rolling out, and rather slowly at that, version 8.1 of Windows Phone, but the upcoming features of Update 1 have already been leaked, revealing just how … Continue reading

Latest Phone Reviews

Amazon Fire Phone review: The shopper’s smartphone

When Amazon wades into a new segment, competitors take note, and few devices have been so nervously anticipated as the Fire Phone. Amazon’s first smartphone doesn’t just put Prime in your pocket, it also pushes the limits of UI, with its quartet of Dynamic Perspective cameras, and computational photography, with Firefly. Ambitious, then, but Jeff Bezos & Co. have seldom … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 635 Review

The Nokia Lumia 635 takes everything that made the Nokia Lumia 520 a winner and gives it a boost. It remains one of the cheapest Windows Phone 8 devices, now coming with Windows Phone 8.1 and the newest Nokia software, along with a look and feel that creates a powerful value proposal. Should you just buy last year’s model on … Continue reading

LG G3 Review

This month we’ve had an extended look at the LG G3 in its international edition, preparing for the USA-bound version(s) which will be launching later this Summer. What we’re seeing here is a phone that out-does the competition while it remains (somehow) humble in the public. It’s not for a lack of trying, of course, but for a lack of … Continue reading

Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G Review

This week we’re having a peek at the newest piece of hardware offered up by Huawei to the North American market: the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 (aka the Ascend Mate2 4G). This device is made to delivery a little bit of everything, including a large display, nearly the newest version of Android, and a unique delivery. If you want a … Continue reading

Motorola Moto E Review: Flawed Affordability

A smartphone for the cost-conscious. Going SIM-free and eschewing carrier subsidies has been slow to catch on in the US, but with T-Mobile USA’s “Uncarrier” movement gaining pace, perhaps the time is right for handsets that bear their true sticker price. Motorola is aiming big with the Moto E, but it’s walking a cautious and tricky balance between specs and … Continue reading

HTC One mini 2 Review

HTC makes a great flagship smartphone but overlooked its midrange, and it has the dreary sales figures over the past couple of quarters to prove how shortsighted that was. Swinging in to save 2014, then, is the HTC One mini 2, a 4.5-inch version of the One M8 which promises to distill down the best of its bigger brother, but … Continue reading

App News

Instagram Bolt launched: no Snapchat rival for you!

The hottest new Snapchat rival has launched for iOS and Android – but you can’t have it yet. Not unless you live in New Zealand, South Africa, or Singapore. That’s where the developers behind Instagram have decided to launch this platform first.

Should developers care about app revenue?

Why do you think a developer should create an app? Earlier this week I made a rather hardline stance on the current state of the app development universe for smart devices, suggesting that because Android-based revenue from app-buyers was lower than iOS, that developers should abandon Google’s mobile operating system. Now I’m not quite so sure.

How do you consume media on Android?

Earlier today, we posed a question via Facebook: how do you consume media on your Android device? With so many great services out there, we wanted to know if there was one that stood out for our readers. As it turns out, the options for media consumption amongst our readers is as varied as the services on offer.

Vizio Smart TVs score Spotify app

Certain Vizio TV owners have gained access to another digital service, Spotify. The music service is coming only to select Vizio Smart TVs, which can be determined by checking out the maker’s app compatibility chart on its website.

What is the Google Play Summer Sale?

This week the annual “Google Play Summer Sale” begins – this includes a small collection of apps for now, but will likely expand as Google makes their official announcement. When this article is released, Google has not yet made things official with a landing page, but once they do, we’ll be sure to link it up. For now, heed the … Continue reading

Let family track you in traffic with Google Maps creator’s app PlaceUs

A new app from one of the chief creators of Google Maps, Sam Liang Ph.D, is appearing this week to allow your family to track you at all times. Contextual awareness is key to the existence of “PlaceUs,” an app which allows you to tell your family you’re running late without ever taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Accessories every mobile gamer needs

As tablets and smartphones increase in power and display quality — not to mention the ever-growing library of games — mobile gaming has become a staple way to pass the time for many. Still, mobile gaming has its downsides, namely in the form of usability: trying to control two digital joysticks with your thumbs on your phone’s display isn’t nearly … Continue reading

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