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Leaked OnePlus 2 specs reveal another “flagship killer”

Despite the rather large setback it experienced in India, it seems that there is no stopping OnePlus yet from taking their “Never Settle” motto for another spin. Dubbed the “flagship killer”, at least as far as last year’s generation was concerned, the OnePlus One was a formidable smartphone with a formidable price. And it seems to have a successor already … Continue reading

Xperia Z3+ believed heading to Hong Kong, Taiwan

Sony works in mysterious ways, it seems. Or perhaps it has tired of having some of the worst kept secrets when it came to keeping smartphones under wraps that to is now working double time to keep us confounded and baffled. Whatever its reasons or whatever its plans, Chinese media are now reporting that the Japanese consumer electronics giant will … Continue reading

iPhone 6c leaked at Apple Store

A possible mess-up in an early uploading of images to Apple’s store website reveals a new iPhone. This newest iPhone would – more than likely – be called the iPhone 6c, adding a Touch ID sensor to the already colorful iPhone 5c. This previous model replaced the iPhone 4s as the lowest-end iPhone of the bunch, coming with a plastic … Continue reading

Lenovo smartphone numbers not enough for Q4 2014 profits

Many have pointed to the writing on the wall for the PC business, looking towards to smartphones for the future. While that may have been true to some extent for Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker, it isn’t the complete story. Lenovo has just revealed its report card for the last quarter of 2014 as well as its full year … Continue reading

ASUS chair isn’t a Windows 10 Mobile believer

Microsoft is putting all its eggs in the Windows 10 basket almost literally. The next version of the operating system will run on all its supported hardware, which includes not just PCs or tablets, but even smartphones and, yes, the Xbox. But while some OEMs like LG, who just recently launched a new Windows Phone, are in on the game, … Continue reading

Galaxy Note 5, Project Zen leaked with puzzling details

It’s not unusual for OEMs to venture outside of their comfort zones in search of the perfect pitch. That is especially true for Samsung, who has, at least for the time being, diverged from its usual path with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. That said, there are some choices that still boggle the mind and confound imagination. Like these … Continue reading

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LG G4 Review – The hero Android needs

Life’s not so good when you’re stuck in the shadow of a big rival with deep pockets, but if anything can drag LG into the sunlight, it’s the new G4. LG’s flagship Android smartphone for 2015, the G4 takes what we loved about the G3 before it – and made it into the Android-to-have among those in the know – … Continue reading

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Review: Surprisingly Good

The device you’re seeing here is not what it seems. While you might have never owned an Alcatel smartphone before – and you might never have even seen one in the wild – they’ve been around for a while. Here, with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, the company has created a device that aims to take out the top tier … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Review

Samsung has a lackluster track record making flagship smartphones with serious lust-appeal. Its plastic-bodied Galaxy range was the Camry trying to play in Mercedes and Audi territory, earnestly ticking the boxes on the spec sheet, but failing to grasp that owners care about a sense of prestige as much they do a roster of the latest functionality. The Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Review

After a few weeks of use, one thing is clear: with the Honor 6 Plus, Huawei isn’t messing around. While this device will not be released internationally* – nor will it be coming to the United States – Huawei has delivered a smartphone that’s worthy of your attention. In the future, we hope, Huawei will be able to continue their … Continue reading

HTC One M9 Review – Gambling on Quality

What does it take to create a smartphone design classic? For the HTC One M9, the answer is relentless refinement, improving what worked in its metal-bodied predecessors rather than chasing the latest trends. The smartphone spec arms-race is relentless, however, notable as much for its hyperbole as the minimal attention span of would-be buyers in carrier stores. If you can’t … Continue reading

Moto E 2015 (2nd Gen) Review

Motorola’s 2nd gen Moto E comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop, a 4.5-inch display, and is perfectly legit for the price it’s being offered at. Is it the finest piece of hardware on the market today? Of course not. Is it meant to be? No way. Does the 2015 Moto E provide one of the most compelling value propositions for a … Continue reading

LG G Flex 2 Review – Killer Curves

First you have to prove you’re not a gimmick. Then it’s just a matter of proving you’re better. LG turned heads with the G Flex last year, an Android smartphone with a banana-like bend to it, only to be stung with criticism that its big idea was actually just too big for the hand. Now, 2015 brings a new curved … Continue reading

App News

Firefox for iOS begins accepting beta testers

Firefox may have given up its title of “most popular desktop browser” some time ago to Chrome, but hasn’t stopped Mozilla from working on the long-awaited iOS app. And it’s likely there’s plenty of Firefox users who’ve been looking forward to said app for some time. Their wait may soon come to an end, as Mozilla now seems to be … Continue reading

Google’s Hangouts for Chrome updated with slick new design

Good news if you use Google’s messaging app Hangouts on your desktop! The company pushed out a new interface design for the Chrome app, featuring the now commonplace Material Design aesthetic that debuted with Android Lollipop. The app now better matches the mobile versions on Android and iOS, and is all-around more pleasing to the eye. The update is available … Continue reading

Microsoft tipped to buy Wunderlist developers 6wunderkinder

Rumor has it that Microsoft is going to continue its recent trend of buying out popular apps focused on organization and work-related tasks, this time by acquiring 6wunderkinder, the developers behind the popular to-do list/task-management app Wunderlist. This information comes from an anonymous source, but lending a bit of credibility to the idea is the fact that just this week … Continue reading

The Apple Watch Death Counter is here

Apple Watch app Deadline tells its wearer when they’ll die, suggests ways that they might extend their life. Like that episode of The IT Crowd, there are mathematically sound ways in which you can figure out how long you’ll live. There are also ways to extend your expected lifespan, and this Apple Watch app knows those ways. As such, this … Continue reading

Shazam brings lyrics to Android Wear

The app known as Shazam receives an update which allows it to work with Android Wear devices, putting song lyrics on wrists. This update allows users to use some – not all, but some – of the functionality available with the full version of the Shazam app on smartphones. The Android Wear extension for this app allows users to see … Continue reading

Adblock Plus launches browser for Android

Adblock Plus, the beloved plugin that de-clutters our browsers from banners and other ads, now does exactly the same on Android-based smartphones with its own browser. Dubbed Adblock Browser, the app is still in beta, which anyone can sign up to join, and is based on the open source version of Firefox for Android. With Adblock’s new solution, users no … Continue reading

Quickie brings Apple Watch’s quirkiest feature to phones

With an app by the name of Quickie, smartphone users are able to send temporary doodles back and forth via the web. This app is a one-touch video, text, and emoji messenger app, and it works for both Android and iOS for iPhone. This app is like Snapchat meets Periscope. It’s like a strange marriage between all of your favorite … Continue reading

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