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Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 arrive with svelte all-metal unibody

Rumors can be put to rest, with Samsung introducing the new Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 handsets tonight. The phones come in a rainbow of colors, each sporting a full metal unibody and the design we saw leak earlier this month. The two handsets are largely the same, differing the most with their displays (5-inches and 4.5-inches, respectively) and their … Continue reading

Gazelle now offers certified pre-owned phones, tablets

There are plenty of reasons to want (or need) a new smartphone or tablet. Sometimes you just want it, and other times it’s based on need. Maybe you dropped your device, or junior dunked it in the sink. No matter what the reason, there’s a new way to get a replacement device. Gazelle, a leader in the mobile device re-sale … Continue reading

Motorola Mobility is now in Lenovo’s pocket

Lenovo is now the proud owner of Motorola Mobility, the ink finally dry on the acquisition of the smartphone company. Brought out from under Google’s umbrella – or, as some might argue, from beneath its shadow – the deal will see Motorola continue to operate its own brand, as well as further develop the Moto and DROID franchises that have … Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3 arrives at T-Mobile

Earlier this month T-Mobile revealed that the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone would be arriving on its shelves October 29, and as promised the handset went live on the carrier’s site yesterday. As with most phones, subscribers have the option to buy it outright from the carrier or shell out in piecemeal fashion via monthly payments (for those who qualify). In … Continue reading

CAT brings super rugged B15Q, S50 smartphones to the US

Remember CAT? No, not our feline overlords but the makers of rugged manufacturing equipment and machines. Unless you haven’t been tracking our smartphone coverage, you will probably be aware that it also makes equally rugged smartphones to match the extreme working environment they put their products through. Now the company is bringing its latest model, the 4-inch B15Q and the … Continue reading

IDC smartphone shipment data testify to Xiaomi’s rise

Some would have us believe that the smartphone craze is starting to settle down and that the industry has reached its plateau. That might be true for some markets, especially developed ones, and some vendors. The smartphone shipment figures for the third quarter of 2014 from IDC, however, reveal that there is still lots of room to grow, especially when … Continue reading

Latest Phone Reviews

Sony Xperia Z3v Review

Over the past week we’ve had a look at the third in a line of Sony’s “Z” devices in so many years, this one called the “Z3″ when it’s not carried by Verizon. This version of the Xperia Z3 goes by the name “Z3v”, appropriately, as it runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The only differences between this “v” model … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Phablet Refocused

Samsung can’t afford to stumble with the Galaxy Note 4. The fourth-gen phablet arrives as Samsung wakes up to a new, and not especially rewarding, phase in its mobile life: the discovery that throwing a hundred designs at the market and hoping at least some of them stick no longer has the same sales success as it once did. At … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 530 Review

When we posted our review of the Nokia Lumia 520 and subsequently the Lumia 521 for T-Mobile, it wasn’t yet entirely clear the impact they’d have on the Windows Phone universe. Now that we know that Nokia’s efforts allowed it to dominate the Windows Phone universe, we can see how important it is that the brand was able to create … Continue reading

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Review: Bigger is Better

Apple promised us something big, and it delivered both metaphorically and literally. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus take Apple’s flagship smartphone in new directions, finally bowing to consumer demand for larger handsets. These aren’t just your old iPhone made bigger, however: a combination of broad hardware improvements and iOS 8 makes sure of that. Question is, does … Continue reading

Moto X (2014) Review: Finally, a true Motorola flagship

Motorola never quite got the praise it deserved with the original Moto X, the company’s decision to step off the specs bandwagon unduly masked by relatively uninspiring design. Now, the 2014 model arrives to rectify that, sharing the same name but stepping up performance, aesthetics, and – essential for any device with ambitions to play among the flagships – build … Continue reading

HTC One M8 with Windows Review

What we could be witnessing right now is a crossroads in the Windows universe. HTC may very well have made the step towards legitimacy the Windows Phone platform needed to show the world that they really, truly can compete with Android. In the HTC One M8 with Windows, HTC has switched out Android for Windows Phone in the greatest handset … Continue reading

HTC One (E8) review: Android’s iPhone 5C is here

The HTC One (M8) is one of the better Android handsets available. For many, it’s the aluminum shell that takes the cake. What happens when you strip it away and add plastic, though? Is the device still a winner? The HTC One (E8) is trying to answer that question.

App News

Microsoft Band wearable surfaces early in app releases

For reasons unknown, a trio of Microsoft apps have arrived in the big three app stores, with the Apple version in particular showing off a wearable called “Band” that is, presumably, the device expected to launch officially in the near future. Not much is revealed by the three app listings, though an official look at the product is certainly nothing … Continue reading

Whisper staff suspended amid investigations into Guardian report

Whisper, the social network/app built on the premise of allowing users to post brief statements and images in complete anonymity, has put its editorial staff on suspension, a decision made by CEO Michael Heyward. The decision comes as Whisper continues to defend itself in response to a newspaper report from The Guardian that said the company did in fact track … Continue reading

Inbox by Gmail invites sent out this morning [UPDATE]

Starting right away this morning you’ll find that Inbox by Gmail invites are being sent out to the masses. If you’d been on the wait list, you might very well be in right this minute. If not, you’ll be invited very, very soon. This goes for Android and iOS users as the invites are not OS-centric. Inbox is a setup … Continue reading

Top 4 apps for your Halloween shenanigans

It’s Friday, and that means Halloween is officially one week away. This is the last weekend before the holiday, and so it’ll likely be filled with some sort of festivity: maybe a trip to a haunted house or a costume laden block party. Your smartphone will no doubt be following you wherever you go, and so having some apps on … Continue reading

Etsy Credit Card Reader released for your smartphone this Autumn

The team behind Etsy’s success know good and well there’s quite a bit of money transferring hands between citizens of the Etsy community. Because of this – and because they want to continue to grow with great success – they’ve decided to get into the credit card business. Not creating credit cards, mind you, but reading them. In comes the … Continue reading

HERE maps now on Android to take on Google

What once was only a Nokia joint in HERE maps comes now to Samsung smartphones, then to Android devices in general. Back in the day Nokia purchased Navteq, then they created their own HERE mapping division, then they became one of the most radical map-making groups outside of Google. Now they’ve gone bigger than they’ve ever been before. With a … Continue reading

‘Passage’ uses images to replace typing passwords

Startup Peekabu has revealed new project Passage, a way to replace passwords with images that are simply held up in front your computer’s camera. Relying on their previous experience with image recognition technologies, England-based Peekabu built Passage (“password” + “image”) at the 24-hour Disrupt London hackathon.

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