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LG G4 photos leaked, possibly “Note” variant

With the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 set to arrive in stores in the next few weeks, we can turn our attention a bit to this year’s MWC no-shows, like LG, for example. Numerous leaks of what might be the LG G4 have already surfaced, and LG itself is giving fodder by teasing what could be in … Continue reading

OnePlus AMAA tidbits: OnePlus Two, OxygenOS, and drones

Despite some setbacks, controversies, and complaints about availability, the OnePlus One has become a high profile device which admittedly deserves its renown. The “flagship killer” from a little known startup gave credence to that moniker, delivering (somewhat) high-end hardware with an affordable price tag, something only Xiaomi was famous for. Of course, a one hit wonder won’t be able to … Continue reading

Huawei’s Ascend P8 is coming in April

Huawei has fired out invites for the launch of its next Android smartphone, complete with some heavy hints that we should expect the Ascend P8. The event takes place in London, UK, on April 15th, and we’re expecting to see a 5.2-inch handset most likely with an octacore processor, as Huawei makes a play for the top-end of the market.

S6 vs One M9 – A great year for full metal Android

Once upon a time, Android had the geek appeal and iPhone had the polish. If 2015 has any theme in mobile, it’s the year when metal-bodied Android smartphones came of age. HTC has been plowing the aluminum fields for its past few generations of flagship, but it’s only with the arrival of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge – … Continue reading

Samsung may acquire AMD

Though the idea that AMD would be acquired by any company is nothing less than a wild notion, word today is that one of the larger companies in just such a position may make such a move. Or make an attempt, anyway. Word from Korea today is that Samsung may have the clout – and the cash – to buy … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge release details and first-impressions

Samsung has announced US availability for its flagship Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge smartphones, and what better way to celebrate them landing on the SlashGear review bench than an impromptu photo-shoot. Announced back at Mobile World Congress earlier this month, the metal- and glass-bodied Android smartphones mark the beginning of a new – and welcome – design direction for … Continue reading

HTC One M9 lands in stores April 10, online on March 27

Those who have been waiting for HTC’s latest and greatest need not wait much longer. The OEM has just announced today when their existing fans and new converts in the US will be able to grab the One M9 from their favorite carrier or retailer. Starting March 27, at exactly 12:01 a.m. ET, people can order HTC’s 2015 flagship online. … Continue reading

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HTC One M9 Review – Gambling on Quality

What does it take to create a smartphone design classic? For the HTC One M9, the answer is relentless refinement, improving what worked in its metal-bodied predecessors rather than chasing the latest trends. The smartphone spec arms-race is relentless, however, notable as much for its hyperbole as the minimal attention span of would-be buyers in carrier stores. If you can’t … Continue reading

Moto E 2015 (2nd Gen) Review

Motorola’s 2nd gen Moto E comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop, a 4.5-inch display, and is perfectly legit for the price it’s being offered at. Is it the finest piece of hardware on the market today? Of course not. Is it meant to be? No way. Does the 2015 Moto E provide one of the most compelling value propositions for a … Continue reading

LG G Flex 2 Review – Killer Curves

First you have to prove you’re not a gimmick. Then it’s just a matter of proving you’re better. LG turned heads with the G Flex last year, an Android smartphone with a banana-like bend to it, only to be stung with criticism that its big idea was actually just too big for the hand. Now, 2015 brings a new curved … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review – Side-screen side eye

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is an exercise in obsession with using the biggest and the newest in smartphone tech. This smartphone is not necessarily the most well thought out for the end user – you, and it’s not necessarily the best smartphone solution for your everyday life. Instead, like the original Galaxy Note, this device presents a unique … Continue reading

Nexus 6 Review – You want to lick this Lollipop

A new Google smartphone is a big deal, and the Nexus 6 is a very big phone indeed. Largest so far of Google’s collaborations with handset manufacturers, and first to see Motorola take the Nexus reins – ironically just as the two firms part company – it’s a riff on this year’s Moto X but with a new turn of … Continue reading

DROID Turbo Review

This past week and a half we’ve been working with the DROID Turbo non-stop. With a body that replicates the popular DROID series from last year – this time in bright red – a massive battery, and specifications that match or surpass the Moto X 2014, what’s not to love? As it turns out, the DROID Turbo isn’t just all … Continue reading

HTC Desire EYE Review

The HTC Desire EYE seems to have one key point in its favor, at first – selfie power. But it’s a whole lot more than that. Instead of a smartphone that’s made for taking photos of yourself, the Desire EYE is a surprisingly well-rounded phone. And it’s not a mid-tier phone either – in fact it has many of the … Continue reading

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Apple Watch apps now available at the iTunes store

Even though the Apple Watch isn’t available until later this April, new apps which are geared towards the Apple Watch are already hitting the iTunes store for download. You won’t be able to use the actual range of capabilities designed for the smartwatch, unless you somehow got your hands on an Apple Watch early. If you managed to somehow pull … Continue reading

Apple Watch home screen rearranging via iPhone revealed

As the April pre-order and release dates for the Apple Watch draw closer, more of the smaller details about the device continue to surface. When iOS 8.2 was released, we got a look at the new Apple Watch companion app and how users can control different setting for the wearable right from the iPhone. On that same note, a new … Continue reading

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