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Marriott un-blocks Wi-fi, promises to behave

After being scolded by the FCC for blocking Wi-Fi signals inside their own hotels, the Marriott International have responded with a begrudging agreement. In addition to Marriott Rewards members receiving free Wi-Fi starting on the 15th of this month (earlier this month, that is), the Marriott will no longer block Wi-Fi signals from 3rd party sources. This means that if … Continue reading

One Billion Androids: Google OS breaks record in 2014

It’s not quite the android uprising Bill Gates and Elon Musk are afraid of, but it’s domination of another sort, with shipments of smartphones running Google’s OS topping one billion in 2014. The global milestone came as smartphone sales overall grew year-on-year, according to Strategy Analytics, with Android propelling its overall market share to more than 81-percent. For Google, it’s … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 smartphone details leak

Samsung wants to have the lion’s share of every smartphone market from the top to the bottom and to do that it has plenty of offerings. Samsung smartphones run the gamut from high-end devices like the Galaxy S series to low end devices. One of Samsung’s lines that hadn’t been updated in a long time is the XCover range.

Google blames growth stall on Nexus 6 supply

During Google’s Q4 2014 earnings call this afternoon, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette spoke about the many ups and downs of the past three months. In explaining the downs of this past quarter, Pichette spoke of two points in particular. One was the Exchange Rate between the United States and international consumers. The other reason Pichette gave for … Continue reading

Amazon WorkMail released to work with Outlook

Amazon Web Services have revealed their newest plan for working with email and calendaring in the business world: Amazon WorkMail. If it wasn’t clear from the name, Amazon WorkMail is made for enterprise users, aiming at the workplace with Microsoft Active Directory compatibility. This isn’t an app – to be clear – it’s a “managed business email and calendaring service” … Continue reading

IDC: as Apple surges, Samsung falls

Big changes are in the wings this year as IDC reports big movements in smartphone shipments for the fourth quarter of last year. In their report of the last three months of 2014, Samsung’s year-over-year change was in the negative – the only company in the negative in the top five companies on IDC’s chart. On the other hand, Samsung … Continue reading

Sorry Samsung, Apple’s probably the smartphone king

Apple’s Q4 2014 may not only have been its best quarter ever for iPhone sales, but the point at which it overtook arch-rival Samsung in the smartphone business. The Cupertino firm announced a massive 74.5m iPhone sales in the final three months of last year, setting itself a new record and – according to at least one research firm – … Continue reading

Latest Phone Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review – Side-screen side eye

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is an exercise in obsession with using the biggest and the newest in smartphone tech. This smartphone is not necessarily the most well thought out for the end user – you, and it’s not necessarily the best smartphone solution for your everyday life. Instead, like the original Galaxy Note, this device presents a unique … Continue reading

Nexus 6 Review – You want to lick this Lollipop

A new Google smartphone is a big deal, and the Nexus 6 is a very big phone indeed. Largest so far of Google’s collaborations with handset manufacturers, and first to see Motorola take the Nexus reins – ironically just as the two firms part company – it’s a riff on this year’s Moto X but with a new turn of … Continue reading

DROID Turbo Review

This past week and a half we’ve been working with the DROID Turbo non-stop. With a body that replicates the popular DROID series from last year – this time in bright red – a massive battery, and specifications that match or surpass the Moto X 2014, what’s not to love? As it turns out, the DROID Turbo isn’t just all … Continue reading

HTC Desire EYE Review

The HTC Desire EYE seems to have one key point in its favor, at first – selfie power. But it’s a whole lot more than that. Instead of a smartphone that’s made for taking photos of yourself, the Desire EYE is a surprisingly well-rounded phone. And it’s not a mid-tier phone either – in fact it has many of the … Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3v Review

Over the past week we’ve had a look at the third in a line of Sony’s “Z” devices in so many years, this one called the “Z3″ when it’s not carried by Verizon. This version of the Xperia Z3 goes by the name “Z3v”, appropriately, as it runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The only differences between this “v” model … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Phablet Refocused

Samsung can’t afford to stumble with the Galaxy Note 4. The fourth-gen phablet arrives as Samsung wakes up to a new, and not especially rewarding, phase in its mobile life: the discovery that throwing a hundred designs at the market and hoping at least some of them stick no longer has the same sales success as it once did. At … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 530 Review

When we posted our review of the Nokia Lumia 520 and subsequently the Lumia 521 for T-Mobile, it wasn’t yet entirely clear the impact they’d have on the Windows Phone universe. Now that we know that Nokia’s efforts allowed it to dominate the Windows Phone universe, we can see how important it is that the brand was able to create … Continue reading

App News

SoundCloud for iOS and Android updated with redesign

SoundCloud has pushed out an update for its iOS and Android apps, with the Android version having received it back on Tuesday and the iOS version a couple days later on Thursday. The Android update is a fairly small one, bringing only minor changes; the iOS version, however, received a more substantive update specifically for those using the app on … Continue reading

Google Now gets third-party app support with update

After yesterday’s earnings report, which brought news that Google may not be as strong in Search as they once were, the company is announcing changes to Google Now. The mobile-first search skin, which brings in cards packed with information based on your usage, will now allow third-party apps to deliver info to you. Google says over 40 new cards will … Continue reading

While you weren’t looking, Facebook took mobile over

While you were away, Facebook took over mobile. Without you scorning them at every turn (I’m guilty, too), Facebook quietly moved the pieces on the board, and the game now looks different. there was a point in time when Facebook didn’t “get” mobile, admitting as much ahead of cranking the wheel hard and forging a new path. Now, they run … Continue reading

Need for Speed will soon charge for gas

There’s a new Need for Speed game coming to your iOS and/or Android devices this week, one that’ll charge for gas. It’s a “wait or pay” sort of game, as many in-app purchase-toting games today are. You can also pay to customize the look of your car or give it a nice boost in abilities. But don’t forget your precious … Continue reading

NFL Mobile app update drops ahead of Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX will be upon us in the very near future, and ahead of the game the NFL has pushed out an update for both its iOS and its Android apps. Several changes come with the update, the most important of which is the (future) ability to stream the Super Bowl and the 2015 Pro Game for Verizon’s subscribers … Continue reading

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