Phoenix Gold to show OEM integration i-Series car amp at CES 2011

Dec 30, 2010

There are several aftermarket car audio firms out there that people look to when the factory audio system in their car isn't meeting their needs. One of those companies is Phoenix Gold and it will be on hand at CES 2011 to show off its new series of amps and enclosures including the new i-Series amps.

The i-Series maps are very unique in that they are designed to plug directly into the factory audio system harness to provide more power to speakers in the car. The amp is designed to plug directly into the factory wiring harness after the factory amp in the car is removed. That means that installation is as easy as unplugging a factory amp and installing the new amp, which is a far cry from needing a pro installer and wire cutters for an installation.

Other than plugging in the OEM harness to the new amp the user then only needs to run a power and ground wire to the amp. The i-Series amp offers over 800W of power and the thing also interfaces with the line of vehicle specific amps that the company offers like the one pictured here specifically for the 2011 Camaro.

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