Philips unveils updated Pronto software for home automation and new control modules

Jan 8, 2010

I love the idea of home automation. To be able to control the lights and upstairs thermostat in my home from my bedroom would be a cool thing. Philips makes a line of Pronto devices that provides control of automated systems within a home. Philips has announced new updated software at CES that makes that control two-way and more robust.

The new software is called ProntoEdit Professional 2.4 and it extends the capability of home integration and control while cutting the time and cost for custom programming for dealers. The new software is UPnP and DLNA compatible. The software works with two-way integration modules between AV servers, players, and control devices.

Philips unveiled a couple new control modules along with the software including modules for Sonos multi-room audio systems and one for TwonkyMedia devices. The new software has an interface that looks like the iPhone and it is compatible with all Pronto controllers.

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