Philips kills Pronto line of universal remote controls

Nov 1, 2010

If you are a home theater fan and like the Philips line of universal remotes this will be sad news for you. Philips has ended the production of Pronto remote controls because the line "No longer fits with the Philips strategy."

What they mean in a nutshell is that the remotes didn’t sell well. Philips shopped the Pronto line around and tried to sell it off to another company and no one bit. This means that Logitech with its great line of Harmony remote controls will have the market pretty much to itself.

The Pronto line was been around since the 1990's. The last product to be unveiled by the company was the TSW9500 in-wall touchscreens. It's sad to see the brand leave, it had some cool products. That said the line of Harmony offerings is great.

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