Peek subscription fee halved in one day sale

Chris Davies - Dec 2, 2009
Peek subscription fee halved in one day sale

Peek's recent TwitterPeek may not have met with the glowing reviews the company might have hoped for, but the original email-centric Peek (and newer Peek Pronto) are still decent examples of how a single-purpose gadget can suit a lot of people.  Now, to celebrate Cyber Wednesday (and yes, we know it's usually Cyber Monday), Peek have slashed subscription costs: what yesterday (and on Thursday) will cost you $19.99 per month will now be just $9.99.

That price is the same for the life of the device, which since you can pick up a Peek Classic for $19.95 means the total two-year cost of ownership is $259.71.  That's pretty much a whole order of magnitude less than some smartphones, once you've factored in the initial purchase price and a typical two year carrier agreement with data.

Of course, at that point we'd also be looking to the Lifetime Service Peek Pronto, which for $299.95 gets you no monthly bills whatsoever.  If you're keeping your Peek for more than two years then it makes sense to go with the Lifetime option, frankly.

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