PCMark 7 benchmarking app gets official release date and price

Apr 15, 2011

All the computer geeks out there will love this news. Futuremark has announced that PCMark 7 will be launching soon and listed the price of the software and offered the launch date. This is the software that is used by people to test computers to compare their overall performance to other machines. This is one of those ePenis tests computer geeks love.

PCMark 7 will be offered in three versions. The Basic edition is free and offers unlimited runs of the main test suite and the ability to browse results and store one result online. It will launch on May 3. The Advanced edition is $39.95 and can be pre-ordered right now. It supports over 25 workloads and you can store unlimited results online.

The Pro edition is also up for pre-order at $995. This is the version for commercial users and has all 7 PC tests and 25 workloads. All of the versions will launch on May 3 barring any delays. Futuremark is the same company that makes 3DMark.

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