PayPal now accepted as payment method on Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub stores

Oct 3, 2013

PayPal has announced that it is now offered as a payment option on the Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub stores. The move means that consumers can use PayPal to purchase their favorite content via the Samsung stores such as apps, books, and other content types. Millions of people around the world have PayPal accounts, adding this as a payment option for consumers is a good thing.

App developers can also now choose to use PayPal to get paid. PayPal says that using their service to get paid is better than the previous method of waiting several days for wire transfers. PayPal notes that by using its payment method, users will be able to purchase TV shows, movies, games and more via the Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub without having to enter credit card information or address details.

PayPal is available as a payout option for Samsung Apps developers globally and can be used as a payment option for Samsung Apps and the Samsung Hub store in nine markets. Those markets include Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, in the UK.

PayPal says using it as a payment option for the Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub stores will come to the US "soon." That means that you can't pay using PayPal in the United States right now. Exactly how soon the service will launch for US users is unknown.


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