Panasonic C1 Tough Book Tablet gets hands on treatment

Jun 30, 2010

PC Watch Japan has spent some quality time playing hands on with the new Panasonic C1 Tough Book Tablet. This might be the perfect machine for you if you want a convertible notebook, but you fear that you might drop it and break the thing.

The machine in the review is powered by an Intel Core i5 2.4GHz CPU, up to 8GB of RAM, 250GB HDD, and it has a 12.1-inch 1280 x 800 LCD. The battery inside the machine is hot swappable or up to 12 hours of run time with a pair of batteries.

Other features include Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, touchscreen, and the machine runs Windows 7 64-bit OS. The C1 is expensive at about $2000 and aimed at the business user. Check out the hands on video below.

Via Wow-Pow Blog

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