Panasonic Bamboo Plant Opal Loudspeaker has a diaphragm made from leaf derivatives

Feb 27, 2014

Panasonic has been making speakers and other home theater devices for years. Most of those speakers use diaphragms to make sound that are made from plastic or some sort of fiber material. Panasonic has announced a new loudspeaker that has a diaphragm made in part from materials in the leaves of the bamboo plant.

The new loudspeaker is called the Bamboo Plant Opal Loudspeaker. The upside to using more bamboo in a number of products is that bamboo grows fast and is a green and renewable resource. Panasonic says that the loudspeaker uses a diaphragm that is made with plant opals found in bamboo leaves.

The process used to create the speaker is an industry first. The plant opal loudspeaker is able to reproduce clear sound with low distortion thanks to the hard plant opal material that occurs naturally in bamboo. Panasonic says that the loudspeaker will be suitable for automotive and home audio systems.

Speakers using the bamboo tech will launch on March 1. The diaphragms are constructed using a resin made from bamboo fibers and bamboo charcoal. The hard needle shaped opals in the bamboo leaf are new additions to the diaphragm. Panasonic notes that the new speaker diaphragm using the bamboo opals offers a 40% improvement in rigidity, a 10% improvement in wide frequency response, and a 20% improvement on internal loss compared to its previous loud speakers.

SOURCE: Panasonic

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