Panasonic and CBS Sports team up for 3D US Open broadcast

Aug 26, 2010

If you have been waiting for a really compelling reason to get yourself a 3D TV this may be it. CBS and Panasonic are teaming up for the first ever 3D broadcast of the US Open tennis tournament. Sure tennis is pretty boring to watch for most of us, but the game really isn’t the compelling reason for lots of us. Two words here guys - Maria Sharpova in 3D. Technically four words there, but you get the idea.

The 3D matches will be offered nationwide via the DirecTV dedicated 3D channel n|3D Powered by Panasonic otherwise known as channel 103. The semifinal and finals of the tournament will be shown in 3D on DirecTV and can be seen in Best Buy stores as well.

The 3D broadcast will reportedly use six camera rigs each having a pair of HD cameras, a pair of special 3D production trucks, and a special 3D broadcast team. The 3D cameras are placed lower on the courts than the other cameras filming the tournament to get up close action.

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