Panasonic 64GB and 48GB SDXC cards unveiled

Jan 20, 2010
Panasonic 64GB and 48GB SDXC cards unveiled

Panasonic are the latest memory card manufacturer to throw their metaphorical hat into the SDXC ring, and they've a capacious duo to show for it.  The Panasonic 64GB and 48GB SDXC cards are each Class 10 and can apparently manage up to 22MB/s transfer speeds.

In case you're wondering, in a compatible camcorder 48GB of storage is good enough for 6hrs 20m of Full HD AVCHD video.  Both cards will be available on February 19th, priced at the equivalent of $550 for the 48GB and $700 for the 64GB.

Since you'll probably want to get your photos and video off the cards at some point, Panasonic have also outed a new SDXC memory card reader .  Currently compatible with Windows machines only, the reader not only accepts the new, high-speed memory cards but SD/SDHC and microSD/SDHC memory too.  It will retail for the equivalent of $55 and will also arrive on February 19th.

[via CrunchGear]

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