Palm & Sprint Pre launch party: My Pre will be there

May 20, 2009

The countdown to the Palm Pre has now started in earnest, and while there's talk of stock shortages it's not getting in the way of a good old-fashioned launch party.  Our Pre-obsessed sibling site, My Pre, has been invited to the Palm and Sprint launch event on Wednesday June 3rd.

Actually, I say "old-fashioned", but Sprint and Palm have picked a somewhat unusual theme for the event.  The party, which is being held in Hollywood, is at an "interactive California Farmers Market and Cocktail Reception", attended by Jerry Seinfeld and benefiting Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

We'll have photos and video from the launch party, to tide would-be Pre buyers over until June 6th and the smartphone's official release.  Plus, we'll be taking advantage of hopefully tipsy Palm execs to pester them about the launch of the GSM Pre!

[via My Pre]

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