OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray drive offers multiple connections

Oct 22, 2008

The OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray Quad Interface is sure a lot of words to simply describe an external Blu-ray drive, but that's what this device is, all the same. Despite the lengthy title, this external drive is pretty unique because it can connect to your computer by means of Firewire 800, Firewire 400, eSATA or USB 2.0.

Compatible with both Macs and PCs, this Blu-ray drive will cost you $499. Primary features include the ability to both read and write Blu-ray discs. However, it can also read and write DVD, DVD-RAM and CD-R and CD-RW.

All of the connections make this device compatible across the board, with Mac users especially enjoying how it works with iDVD and the like. Even so, for an added $80, you can purchase Roxio Toast along with the drive for added convenience.

[via CrunchGear]

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