OWC adds 1TB capacity bus-powered external HDD to line

Nov 10, 2010

OWC has been offering external storage solutions in its On-the-Go Pro family for a while now. The thing that all of the drives have in common is that they all get the power they need to operate directly from the USB port so the user needs no AC adapter to use the drives for data storage on the go.

The company has added a new version to all three different OTG Pro class of drives. The new 1TB solution spins at 5400 rpm and can be had in four versions right now. The four versions include the triple interface unit with FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0, the FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 combo interface version, and the USB 2.0 only version.

OWC also offers a USB 3.0 only version of the drives. The Triple interface 1TB solution is $179.99, the combo interface is $159.99, and USB 2.0 only is $144.99 and the USB 3.0 only is $159.99. A 750GB capacity with 7200RPM speed is also available.

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