Original Star Wars lightsaber plus other movie items to be auctioned

Nov 26, 2008

Love Star Wars?  Disgustingly wealthy?  Step right up, my friend, have we got the auction for you.  Luke Skywalker's original lightsaber - as used in Star Wars: a New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back - is going up for sale, with an expected price tag of around $185,000.  If you've always been more of a fan of effeminate robot menservants, then how about C-3PO's helmet and gloves?  Yours for a predicted $83,000 and $30,000 respectively.

More auction items after the cut

It's all part of a movie-related auction to be held on December 11th.  Organized by Profiles in History, there will be more than 500 items on sale, including not only the Star Wars props but the authentic fedora hat and bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a snip at $61,000 each, and the animatronic Gizmo puppet from Gremlins for $7,000.

Other items include Marlon Brando's tunic worn as Jor-El in Superman, for $51,000, and his t-shirt from Apocalypse Now, for $20,000.  Alternatively $124,000 might get you either an 82-inch flying saucer from Forbidden Planet or an original Lord of the Rings trilogy set, signed by Tolkien and including a fold-out map of Middle Earth.

[via BornRich]

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