Orbit Concept Watch is Completely Transparent, Gravity Sensitive, Tickly

Dec 1, 2010

This watch, a concept project by André Sheydin, works on your new-age thought process that tells you you don't need one, not since you've got a phone in your pocket that gives you all that information just as easy as looking at your wrist. Why does it make you think twice about that? Because it's gorgeous, works two ways, and is so far back on the concept train that it's completely transparent and requires no power source.

That's right, it's so totally lovely. This watch changes color depending on the time of day (clear or black and inverted) and shows you the hours, minutes, seconds, days, and months, all on rings of tics that move according to the orbit they've got to take around your wrist. You know what that means? Six sets of tics flicking around your wrist all day long at different speeds. Splendid!

[Via Yanko Design]

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