Optimus AUX to cost around $650; final pre-production proto on show

Nov 18, 2008

Art Lebedev Studios have released an image of what they're calling the "final pre-production prototype" of the Optimus AUX, which presumably means that commercial versions of the 15-key OLED 'board will look this way.  They've also, finally, given an indication of price: around $650.

The photo doesn't look too different from the last set of prototype shots, however the pricing details are new and, dare we say it, pretty expensive.  AUX was intended to be both an expansion product for owners of the original Optimus Maximus keyboard wanting more programmable keys, and a more affordable entry-point for those who found the full OLED keyboard too pricey. 

At $650, though, it's more than a third of the price of the $1,590 Maximus (for fewer than a seventh of the number of OLED keys).  It's tough to imagine who can justify that sort of money.

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