Olympus FE-5050 & FE-4050 Unveiled, Arriving in Japan Later This Month

Aug 18, 2010

When it comes to point-and-shoot cameras, there doesn't seem to be much differentiation between cameras in the market. That being said, you're either a fan of them, or you're not. There's probably not that big of a middle-ground out there. Olympus is hoping to attract a few eyes from the former camp, with the introduction of two new point-and-shoots, which may not look like the fanciest cameras available (or soon to be available, to be more accurate), but at least they aren't in the dumps for features.

The Olympus FE-4050 (pictured above) offers up a 12MP CCD sensor, multiple hardware buttons on the back of the camera, flanking a marginal LCD display. It has an optical zoom up to 4x. The Olympus FE-5050, though, has a 14MP sensor with 5x optical zoom. Like we said, not completely archaic, but it's cutting it pretty close. Olympus haven't come clean on any bits of infor for the cameras, like a price tag, but they are scheduled to release onto the shores of Japan some time later this month. No word on an international release date, either.

[via Hardware Zone]

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