Obvio “Tribrid” Vehicle Runs On Any Fuel

Rue Liu - Dec 28, 2006
Obvio “Tribrid” Vehicle Runs On Any Fuel

From the unsightly futuristic design, you can tell immediately this is no ordinary gas guzzling car. And although it may look like an Audi that’s been through a bad disfiguring accident, its actually a super “tribrid” car developed in collaboration between supercar maker Lotus and Brazilian design team Obvio. And yes, you read “tribrid,” meaning it can run on any combination of regular gas/bio ethanol, natural gas, or electricty.

This high-performance micro sports car has a unique layout that allows for side by side seating of three. It is expected to be available by the end of 2008 for a price tag of $59,000 if it makes it to the US. They will also be releasing a non-electric version that will be priced at $28,000.

Obvio Tribrid Runs on Virtually any Fuel [Via: I4U]

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