NVIDIA GeForce GTX580 to be 20% faster than GTX 480 says report

Oct 21, 2010

One thing we can count on no matter the brand name on the video cards that gamers and enthusiasts buy for their computers is that each successive generation will offer increased performance. NVIDIA is no exception to this and the company often has some of the best performing video cards on the market in some price classes.

A new video card is coming from NVIDIA called the GTX 580, which is a successor to the NVIDIA GTX 480 video card. The 580 is said to be as much as 20% faster than the GTX 480, which already performs impressively. That 20% figure comes from unnamed video card makers cited by DigiTimes.

After the GF110-powered GTX 580 hits the market NVIDIA will be bringing other GPUs including the GF112, GF114, and GF119 to market in 2011. DigiTimes reports that NVIDIA is also set to unveiled the 28nm Kepler GPUs by the end of 2011 and the successor to Kepler called Maxwell is already in development.

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