NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 due June; mainstream versions shortly after

May 4, 2010

NVIDIA's mainstream and entry-level versions of the Fermi-based GeForce GTX 470/480 will arrive in July and August respectively, according to graphics card manufacturers who have been whispering to DigiTimes, with a new GeForce GTX 460 expected to debut in June 2010.  The mainstream model will use NVIDIA's GF106 core and the entry-level will use the GF108; pricing, we're told, is a little higher than early predictions suggested, coming in at around $180 for the GF106 and $100 for the GF108.

Meanwhile the GTX 460 will use the new GF104 Fermi core, a 40nm chip believed to offer up to 256 shader cores, 64 TMUs, 32 ROPs and a 256-bit memory bus.  That will be aimed at the mid-market keen on the existing GTX 470/480 cards but dissuaded by their relatively high price tags, and is expected to be priced at around $299.  NVIDIA themselves have declined to comment on any of the new products.

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