NuVo unveils Wireless Audio System at CES 2013

Jan 7, 2013

NuVo announced their first product that they're selling directly to consumers, and they're simply calling it the Wireless Audio System. The company says it's the first wireless home music system based on dual-band WiFi and MIMO technologies, which allows it to transmit up to 16 simultaneous streams at 600Kb per second each.

The new system consists of three main components: two types of music players and a network gateway, and users use either a smartphone or tablet to control the system. Since this is the company's first product that they're selling directly to consumers, they're including a handy wizard to get novices started with setting up the new system.

The two music players, the P200 and P100, provide up to 60 watts of power per channel and 20 watt, respectively. (2 channels @8 ohms). The P200 is equipped with aptX Bluetooth technology, so most tablets and many smartphones are able to send music wirelessly at top quality to the P200 for playback in one or multiple areas.

The NuVo Wireless Audio System will be available to consumers from two authorized on-line retailers, and The GW100 network gateway will carry a retail price of $199, while the P200 wireless player will sell for $599 and the P100 for $479.

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