Novatel USB727 from Verizon – wireless broadband modem with integrated data storage

Sep 28, 2007

Verizon wireless will make the Novatel Wireless USB727 available for purchase on October 5th. The USB wireless modem features an integrated microSD slot that allows user to use the modem as file storage (like a thumbdrive).

The great thing about this modem is that it works with Windows (Vista, XP, 2000), Mac, and Linux out of box. It supports EVDO Rev. A network that could reach a download speed of 1.4 megabits.

The USB727 is available at $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and new two-year agreement. Customers can get BroadbandAccess service for Internet browsing, e-mail and access for $59.99 monthly access with a new one- or two-year customer agreement.

[via slashphone]

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