Novatel MiFi 3352 and MiFi 3372 3G mobile hotspots spotted in testing

Oct 27, 2010

Novatel Wireless' next-gen MiFi mobile hotspots have been caught passing through GCF certification.  The MiFi 3352 and MiFi 3372 each support quadband GSM/EDGE and the 1900/2100 UMTS/HSDPA bands, with the 3352 throwing in 900MHz UMTS/HSDPA support and the 3372 having 850MHz UMTS/HSDPA support.

Basically, that means the MiFi 3352 is headed to Europe and Asia, while the MiFi 3372 has support for AT&T's 3G network in the US.  No sign of the 1700MHz band required for T-Mobile USA, unfortunately.  Of course there's no information on release dates in the certification, but we're guessing these new MiFi devices aren't far out from an official announcement.

[via Twitter]

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