Notebook desk features built-in fan and speakers

Jun 4, 2008

Some of us have or have had that laptop that is way too hot to just place on your lap. Either you feel like you're in a sauna or it gets so burning hot it ends up scalding your lap. Even my MacBook doesn't get super hot, but after a little while it gets to be a bit obnoxious.

This cute little desk not only keeps your laptop from sitting directly on your lap, but it also has a fan to keep it cool. The fan is said to be “ultra-silent” which, disturbs me a little, doesn't silent mean no sound? If silence means no sound, how can it be ultra-silent?

The desk also has two 5W speakers as well as a 10W subwoofer. It also has an input for MP3 players, game consoles and portable DVD players.

[via gearlog]

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