Nokia N8 vibe motor shows its strength in bizarre refrigerator stunt [Video]

Dec 24, 2010

It's not entirely clear why you'd want to prove that the Nokia N8's vibration motor is capable - with some suitable gearing - of lifting a 60kg+ refrigerator, but that's just what some Chinese engineers have decided to prove. As you can see in the video after the cut, having dismantled the Symbian smartphone (something we already know is pretty straightforward) they then turned to the awesome power of whiteboard calculations to get the fridge off the ground.

Video demo after the cut

To be fair, this isn't so much a victory for the N8 as it is for the awesome power of gears, but we'll give the Nokia credit for not burning out its vibration motor in the process. Although this is unlikely to spawn an app in the Ovi Store, it's useful to know that, should you crash land on a desert island and find yourself pinned under a chunk of broken-up airplane, all you need to extract yourself is Nokia's finest, a small team of engineers and a shed full of spare parts.

[via MIC Gadget]

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