Nokia N8 Sims 3, Need For Speed & Monopoly gaming get video demos

May 27, 2010

The Open Mobile Summit is currently taking place in overcast London, and Nokia have been rolling out some hitherto-unseen Nokia N8 goodies to tide us over until the smartphone launches in August.  Most eye-catching are EA Games demos of Sims 3, Need For Speed and Monopoly for the handset, and MyNokiaBlog grabbed some demo video of the three in action.

Video demo after the cut

Unlike the Symbian^1 version of Sims, this new N8 title is all in 3D, just like you'd find on the desktop.  It uses multitouch for control, while NFS uses the accelerometer; in Monopoly, players can navigate around the board in 3D and shake/roll the dice by shaking the phone.

Now, we're assuming these demos have been rendered in video for the N8 rather than them being actual, playable titles; hands-on reports from N8 prototypes at the show say they're not actually loaded on at this stage.  Still, if the N8 really is the pocket powerhouse the early benchmarking suggests, mobile gaming could really be a string to its bow.

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