No monthly subscription needed for Xact’s personal GPS tracker

Jan 9, 2009

Many personal GPS tracking options hit you with two costs - the cost of the device and then the additional cost of a monthly subscription.  Xact Technology hopes that, by doing away with the subscription cost, you''ll give the XACT | TRAX a go.

The XACT | TRAX, a GPS tracking device useful for keeping tabs on pets, people and property, uses a custom web portal to locate where on Earth the tracker is.  You can also set "geo fences" using the web portal, and you'll be alerted via the web or SMS when your tracker leaves the fenced-in area.

We don't have an availability date or a cost for this device as of yet, but we do know that there won't be a recurring subscription.  Keep checking in regularly for more on the XACT | TRAX.

[via Engadget]

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