No iPhone Dev Team unlock until iOS 4.2.5 & 4.3 are public

Jan 14, 2011

The iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that they will not be distributing an iPhone unlock tool until iOS 4.2.5 and iOS 4.3 are released by Apple. According to team member MuscleNerd, "it's silly to release anything during Apple betas" because "most people can't take advantage." Apple released the iOS 4.3 beta to developers earlier this week, and already various improvements to the platform have been spotted in amongst the code.

It appears Apple is considering ditching the physical home button in favor of multitouch gestures, along with making the action of the side-switch user-assignable between mute and screen rotation lock; there's also new geo-location services suggested, such as "Find My Friend". The Verizon iPhone 4, meanwhile, runs iOS 4.2.5, which is yet to be released to developers.

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