No charges filed against school district that spied on students using laptops

Aug 18, 2010

You might recall back in February the story broke that a school district in Pa. had been accused of spying on students without their knowledge using the webcams on school provided laptops. The story came to light when a student was warned that he was acting inappropriately inside his home.

The FBI later came in to investigate the issue and determine if there were any criminal issues in the case such as wire tapping. The story is apparently at an end, at least with the criminal investigation with the announcement that no charges will be filed in connection with the investigation.

US Attorney Zane David Memeger has announced that the investigators found no evidence that the Lower Merion School district employees who activated the tracking software and took the thousands of webcam and screenshot images had criminal intent. The district admitted to capturing a total of 56,000 screen shots and webcam images to locate missing laptops. A civil suit in the matter is still pending.

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