Nintendo Wii to ship with Sports Resort and MotionPlus in all new systems

May 3, 2010

Long gone are the days where consumers combed the latest ads and the web to find one of the rare Wii game systems they could buy. Many who had the Wii early in its life had to wait in lines just to get one. Today you can walk into any electronics store and buy one whenever you want.

Nintendo is finding that the popularity of the Wii is waning and profits are slipping. To get more folks interested in the Wii again Nintendo is changing things up a bit with a new black color and a new bundle.

Every new Wii will now ship with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort along with the MotionPlus accessory. The MSRP for the new bundle is the same old $199.99 price point making the Wii an even better value. The new bundle will land on May 9 so hold off a few days if you are about to buy.

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