Nintendo free to play games start with Steel Diver: Sub Wars and Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

Feb 14, 2014

Nintendo is trying its hand a free to play games with the launch of the first two free to play titles it has ever offered. The two games include a submarine game and a baseball game. The sub game is called Steel Diver: Sub Wars and the other game is Rusty's Real Deal Baseball.

Both games will be available for 3DS owners to download from the eShop with the sub game there right now and the baseball game coming in April. The sub game is limited in content unless you opt for the paid premium version. The free version gives you two subs to play while paid players get to choose from 18. The paid version of the game also offers more customization and missions.

Reports indicate that the free to play version doesn't offer in-game purchases making this more like a demo than the free to play games smartphone and tablet users are used to seeing. The baseball game has a bunch of different mini games that can be unlocked as in-game purchases. The mini games start at $4 each.

One interesting tidbit is that gamers can haggle with Rusty to pay less money. That sounds more like the free to play games most of us will be familiar with. $4 per minigame sounds a bit expensive though. Nintendo has said that it will follow the free to play model for games with no established base that lend themselves to the free to play model.

SOURCE: The Verge

SOURCE: Gamasutra

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