Nintendo Announces VoIP Headset for DS

Jul 13, 2006

VoIP is one of the hottest technologies around today, and it hasn't escaped Nintendo's attention. Having already announced technology in the Wii-mote for possible VoIP capabilities, Nintendo has now announced a VoIP headset for their mega-popular Nintendo DS handhelds. Available from, the headset will run you around $23 USD (£12.99), but requires a VoIP-capable game, like Metroid Prime: Hunters. Hopefully we'll see a few more VoIP-capable games by the headset's September 15th release date, because screaming at your friends during Metroid is only fun for so long. Plus, we're willing to bet that a homebrewed DS port of some sort of VoIP software will pop up eventually.... Product Page [via Video Games Blogger]

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