Nintendo 3DS Seeing More Interest from Developers Than the Original DS, Hollywood Included

Nov 10, 2010

As we get closer and closer to the launch of the 3DS, which is still a little ways off, it's no surprise to see Nintendo's own Satoru Iwata travelling more and more. While he may not be just going around to specifically sell the 3DS to developers, that's obviously at least one part of the trip. And it looks like it may be paying off, if this new report pans out. According to Iwata, developers are already clinging onto the 3DS, more so than they ever did with the DS, way back in the day.

In his travels, Iwata has learne that developers are more interested in the upcoming 3DS, even more so than they were in the original DS. But, while that may be not too hard to believe considering the specs of the device, and the fact that it will be able to play both 3D and 2D video games on the fly, it may be surprising to hear that Hollywood is even looking at the 3DS as a potential money maker.

It's no secret that Hollywood is working, every day, to try and find a 3D success that will match the AVATAR film, but they're also looking at other avenues to acquire cash. One of those could potentially be the 3DS, as Iwata says that people in Hollywood do not believe that 3D TVs are going to catch on as quickly as some may like, but something like the 3DS has the ability to do just that. Those in the right positions could find ways to develop content for the 3DS, with its ability to also watch 3D movies, and ride the wave of success that the 3DS may likely see in 2011. An interesting concept, but the main takeaway should be this: if there are more developers lined up for the 3DS, at least we know there's a strong chance for great content.

[via CrunchGear]

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