Nike files patent app for self-lacing shoes, Doc Brown not listed as an inventor

Aug 26, 2010

I really wanted three things from the movie Back to the Future II. I wanted that DeLorean, the hover board, and those Nike shoes that laced themselves. Decades later, I still have none of the three. Nike has filed a patent app that may finally put those sweet shoes on my feet.

Apparently, some of the people from the Nike Innovative Kitchen have filed a patent app for a self-lacing shoes like that pair from the flick. The shoe in the patent app even appears to have the same design. Along with the "automatic fastening system", the shoes also have a lighting system.

The patent app was filed on February 11, 2009 and is listed as a continuation in part of application filed on May 2, 2008. All I know is it's about time some of the cool tech from the movies of my childhood finally came to be. All of the electronics needed for the shoe is in the sole. The design looks much better than that DIY hack I mentioned for self-lacing Nike's a while back.

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